The Rocha pear, solely produced in the western region of Portugal, benefits of the distinct  “Designation of Origin Protected " assigned exclusively by the European Union to delimited areas of regional production with unique qualities.

In 1836 was identified in Sintra, in the property of Mr. António Pedro Rocha, a pear tree different, with unusual fruit quality. The variety of "Pyrus communis L." rocha pear dubbed was so vaunted by the delight of its fruit that hasn't gone unnoticed.

The appellation of origin is currently "Pera Rocha do Oeste", a portuguese variety concentrated in the western region, on the waterfront from Sintra to Leiria, being the largest producers localities Cadaval, Bombarral, Torres Vedras, Caldas da Rainha, Alcobaça, Lourinhã, Mafra and Óbidos.


The Pera Rocha do Oeste has a light yellow epidermis,white flesh, smooth-melting, grainy, sweet, not sour, very juicy and slightly sharp perfume.

It is one of the richest fruit in minerals including Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Magnesium, Silicon and Iron, which contribute to the formation of bones, teeth and blood, maintaining the internal balance and vigor of the nervous system.


The Rocha pear is suited to the most diverse tastes and ages. Usually young people prefer it more "crispy" (with a firmer texture) while older people prefer more fruit "flux", whit more flavor, taste and juice, more mature.


Excellent in the preparation of desserts, pastries, jams, creams, jellies, ice creams, the pear is also great with spicy cheeses with strong flavor. The imagination of chefs recognized professionals and amateurs has created other ways of consuming, either in salads or in desserts or as an accompaniment to many dishes, including hunting.

The health and the Pear:

- Cooked, solves digestive problems

- Recommended against hypertension

- Combat lack of appetite

- Preventing diseases of the kidney and circulatory set


Tip: To not darken, after sliced pear should be sprinkled with lemon.

Calories: 100 grams contains about 56 calories.


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