Frutas Classe has 2 excellent services and that boost not only the company itself but also its associated farmers. They are vocational training, addressed to employees, and technical assistance in investment projects and PRODER, which provides its producers and other stakeholders.

Assuming that the company is no longer a simple appliance production to become a space of socialization and learning, Frutas Classe as certified as training organization accredited to the DGERT (General Direction of Employment and Workplace Relations) to be able to provide its employees the essential knowledge, upgrade, renewal and innovation skills.

We understand that in today's global world, with strong competitive, the human resources are assumed as one of the most prominent factors of competitiveness and its surrounding technologies emerge, innovation, market conditions, delivery times, quality and diversity products, etc... However, only companies that invest in the development of its human resources, remain competitive and concurrent.


In the area of investment projects Frutas Classe provides its producers members, and other stakeholders, the service of holding the application (s) of project (s) and its follow-up, within the PRODER/RDP(Rural Development Programme) and QREN (National Strategic Reference Framework), whose goals despite specific and variables,  can be synthesized in key terms such as Competitiveness, Internationalization, Sustainability and Dynamics of Rural Areas, Production Enhancement of Quality, Business Connectivity, Cooperation, Modernization , Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Renewal of Business Model.


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